Pursuant to Article 31 paragraph (2) item (16) relating to Article 161 of the Electoral Code of the Republic of Macedonia (Official Gazette of RM No. 40/06, 136/08, 148/08, 155/08, 163/08, 44/11, 51/11, 142/12, 31/13, 14/14, 30/14, 196/15 and 35/16) the State Election Commission at the meeting held on 27.04.2016 adopted


for observing elections and the electoral procedure

The purpose of this Code is to lay down the procedures for observing elections and the election process as well as the procedure for carrying out the observation mission by accredited observers, in order to improve the integrity and transparency of the election process.



The observation rules represent a summary of practical guidelines for observing elections and the electoral procedure.

 Accredited observers SHALL:

• Be familiar with and respect the provisions of the Electoral Code and this Code and shall adhere to provisions that regulate the electoral procedure;
• Be impartial while carrying out their duties where they must not express a bias towards election bodies, political parties, group of electors, candidates or any other matter of argument in the election process;
• Visibly display their accreditation badge issued by the State Election Commission, as well as their personal identification document;
• Base their conclusions on documented and confirmed facts…(more)

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